Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pinups and Totes and Aprons, Oh My!

I just finished a bit of online shopping indulgence, and seeing as how this weekend I have no one else to show off my purchases to, I'm going to show them off to BlogLand. Not that any of you actually care, but for the moment I'm going to pretend you do.

Since I always seem to be carrying an armful of books wherever I go, I decided I needed a tote bag to make things easier. I checked out the local big box stores, but nothing captured my interest. So I went online to Etsy. That's where I stumbled upon My Great Gifts.

I have quite a thing for vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories, so I was all excited to find this cute pinup tote bag:

And that's not all I found: My Great Gifts also makes vintage-inspired aprons! Of course, with the holidays coming up -- and my mind filling with images of me cooking Thanksgiving pecan pie while decked out in a cute apron -- I totally rationalized my purchase. I took a while to decide between these two:

Although I love the 1940s style of aprons (the one on the right), it was the cherry print, polka-dots, and red ruffle trim that eventually sold me on the bib-style one.

I fully plan to bring the apron to Mom's for Thanksgiving kitchen duty. About half the women in attendance will likely mock me for being so outdated as to wear an apron, *coughmysisterscough*, and the other half will fawn over my très cute kitchen attire.

So, where do you stand: Are aprons outdated or hip?

P.S. After I purchased my cherry print apron, I discovered Boojiboo's shop. I may need to increase my apron-buying budget. Seriously.


SusiSunshine said...

Love the bag and I love the apron! I think these are really cute. I don't like the ordinary cuz they are so old fashioned but these are really hawt!

Katie Mack said...

Woohoo! There's at least one other person out there who thinks aprons are hawt! Good to know I'm not alone. ;D