Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boys and Fire

So ... the other night I'm on the phone with Dear Boyfriend while I'm reading through some of the blog posts that have been accumulating in my feed reader. I come across this post by Jill Shalvis, and it amuses me, so I share it with DB:

ME: Hey, here's something funny. This author is blogging about her oldest daughter at UCLA. She said her daughter sent her a text message that read:
“My professor just asked if anyone has ever lit their farts on fire, because we’re learning about methane. I started laughing and everyone just stared at me. Lecture class of 250 …"
The author says:
"Poor thing. Of course she started laughing. She was raised by a wolf, aka Alpha Man. We sent her away to college to get educated, and what she’s learning is that her family is a little crazy…"
Heh, heh. Funny, huh?

DB: [silence]

ME: So ... you know. Her dad must have lit his farts on fire. Heh, heh.

DB: [silence]

ME: You've lit your farts on fire, haven't you?

DB: Who hasn't?


SusiSunshine said...

OMFG, that's hilarious. Have to go and ask bf. LOL!

Katie Mack said...

According to DB, ALL guys do it. Must be a rite of passage or something. Guys are weird.