Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review: Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg

Title: Gobsmacked
Author: L.B. Gregg
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance
Length: 38,485 words (~109-153 min)
Published: 2009
Sensuality: Burning
Setting: Upstate New York
Series: Men of Smithfield #1
Disclosure: Purchased Myself

Mild mannered Mark Meehan’s good judgment flies out the window when he finds his lover banging another man. Things go from bad to worse as Mark’s crazy revenge scheme uncovers shocking secrets—sending him straight into the arms of hunky lawman and old friend, Tony Gervase, a man of limited patience and secrets of his own.

Gobsmacked is the first novella in L.B. Gregg's Men of Smithfield series, and the bottom line is that it was just plain fun to read. It's told in the first person narrative (past tense), which works very well due to Mark's dry, humorous POV. For the first part of the story I alternated between laughing out loud, and gasping "Oh no he didn't!" When the romantic and suspense elements of the plot come to the forefront, the tale, while still humorous, is less funny and a bit edgier. Mark must deal with the fallout of his actions and the mystery he's been thrown into, as well as his renewed feelings for Tony. The change in tone worked quite well as the plot moves from being a funny scorned-lover-revenge-scheme to something darker and heavier.

Gobsmacked is one of those stories that doesn't fit neatly under labels such as Erotica or Romantic Suspense. It's officially labeled Erotica, but it feels more like a gay man's version of Chick Lit -- Dude Lit? -- combined with light-hearted-edgy Romantic Suspsense, and a shot of Erotica mixed in with all of that. Like I said -- conventional genre labels don't fit.

Regardless of the label it's given, Gobsmacked is highly entertaining, and I'm very much looking forward to the next two installments in the series, Happy Ending and Cover Me.

Grade: B


SusiSunshine said...

Dude lit describes it good I think!
Thought that too. Great review hon!

Katie Mack said...

Thanks. Maybe we're witnessing the beginnings of a new genre, eh?