Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Under the Covers Anthology

My review of the Under the Covers anthology by Crystal Jordan, Lorie O'Clare, and P.J. Mellor is up today over at AAR. I really enjoyed the Jordan and Mellor contributions -- Naughty or Nice and Escaping Christmas, respectively -- but O'Clare's Nativity Island didn't work for me at all. Despite one of the stories ranking pretty low, I'm happy to have discovered two new-to-me authors to read in the future. Click here to read my full review. I also read this book as part of the 2009 Holiday Reading Challenge.

Disclosure: I received this book free as an AAR reviewer.


Jill D. said...

Sounds pretty good. Although, I don't typically like anthologies, but I must admit my interest is peaked, lol. Thanks for the head's up!

Katie Mack said...

At this time of year anthologies comprise the bulk of my reading. :) But I also tend to really like short-stories and novellas in general due to the shortened length. I hope you enjoy this one!