Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Texting Fun with Mom

Sometimes my mother really cracks me up, and it's not always intentional on her part. Such as this text message exchange from last night:

MOM: we have power!!

ME: awesome! i didn't know it was out.

MOM: since sunday

ME: sucky

MOM: yws but now   i am ib n the bath. aawesom

ME: r u also imbibing alcohol?

MOM: not since 10 am

My mother is not a lush. Really, she's not. She just likes her Irish Coffee. You know, in the morning.


Anonymous said...

So funny. I'm glad she has power back though, because that is real pain. So...I can understand the alcohol :) xina

Katie Mack said...

xina - Yes, I suspect being snowed in with the power out for a few days was the impetus behind the morning drinking. ;D

Lynn Spencer said...

Cute! Your mom stories crack me up. Still, I can see why one might need some Irish coffee after being without power that long. :-)

Katie Mack said...

Lynn -- For warmth if nothing else!

SusiSunshine said... it! That really cracked me up!
My mom messages look the same...

Katie Mack said...

Susi - Moms. You gotta love 'em.